Holiday Village Majorca: Top 7 Villages For Your Vacation


Holiday Village Majorca: Top 7 Villages For Your Vacation

Would you like to make your holiday in Majorca truly special? Instead of being amidst the hustle and bustle of Majorca’s tourist hotspots, would you prefer to experience the serenity of a holiday village on the island? However, since you may not be familiar with the Balearics, it may be difficult for you to locate the ideal holiday village Majorca for you.

Well, don’t look any further, because we’ve done the hard work, and created the best list around for a great holiday in a village on Majorca. Now enjoy!

Great Holiday Villages On The Island of Majorca

Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is a popular holiday destination known for its beaches, nightlife, and beautiful landscapes. However, for those looking to escape the crowds and experience the true essence of the island, a rural holiday village may be the perfect option.

These charming villages offer a glimpse into traditional Majorcan life, with picturesque streets, authentic local cuisine, and stunning natural surroundings.

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Here are seven of the most beautiful rural holiday villages in Majorca:

Deià: Picturesque Holiday Village

Located in the Tramuntana Mountains, Deià is a picturesque village known for its stunning views and artistic community. The village has a long history of attracting artists and writers, and it continues to be a popular destination for those looking for inspiration and tranquility.

Fornalutx: Maybe The Most Beautiful Village

Often referred to as “the most beautiful village in Spain,” Fornalutx is a small town nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains. The town’s cobblestone streets, orange groves, and terraced gardens make it a popular spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Fornalutx is also a perfect spot for Majorca bike hire with your family!


Valldemossa: Holiday Village Full of Charme

This charming village is located in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains and is best known for its beautiful monastery, which was once home to composer Frédéric Chopin and his lover, George Sand. The village is also famous for its annual Chopin Festival, which takes place in the monastery.

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Sóller: The Tram Village

This most interesting village is located in a valley surrounded by orange groves and is home to a beautiful plaza and a historic tram that connects it to the nearby port of Sóller. The town is also known for its excellent restaurants and bakeries, where you can try traditional Majorcan dishes.

Pollença: A Northern Holiday Village

Pollença in Majorca’s north is known for its beautiful architecture, narrow streets, and excellent restaurants. The town is also home to the Calvary, a series of 365 steps that lead up to a hilltop church with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. By the way: Not far from Pollenca is the Hidropark, a famous Majorca Water Park!

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Esporles: Holiday Villa Majorca At Its Best

This small village is located in the Tramuntana Mountains and is known for its beautiful church, charming streets, and excellent restaurants. The village is also a popular spot for hiking and cycling, with a number of trails that lead through the surrounding countryside.

Santa Maria del Camí: Wine Tasting in a Village

A rural holiday village which is located in the center of the island and known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, excellent restaurants, and beautiful church. The village is also a popular spot for wine tasting, with a number of local wineries that offer tours and tastings.


These are just a few of the many beautiful rural holiday villages in Majorca. Each one offers a unique experience, from the stunning views of the Tramuntana Mountains to the charming streets and excellent restaurants. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, tranquility, or adventure, these holiday village Majorca spots offer something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday Villages on Majorca

You’ve got any questions regarding holiday villages in Majorca? You might find the answer here:

What is the best town to stay in Majorca?

The best town to stay in Majorca is, according to many, the villages of Deià and Valldemossa. They are famous for their surrounding limestone cliffs which fall dramatically into clear turquoise Mediterranean seas.

What is the most beautiful part of Majorca?

Some people say that the most beautiful part of Majorca is the east coast, with its picturesque towns and small and clean beaches and coves. Particularly beautiful is the east coast village of Porto Colom.

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