Wheelchair Hire Mallorca | Rent a Wheelchair in Mallorca


Wheelchair Hire Mallorca | Rent a Wheelchair in Mallorca

Planning a trip to Mallorca and worrying about getting around? Don’t fear the challenge of seeing this stunning island with limited mobility. Wheelchair hire services in Mallorca offer a smooth vacation experience. Now, you can roam freely and see all the amazing places easily.

Curious about the range of wheelchairs available for hire in Mallorca? Wondering if there are extra aids to make your trip more comfortable? We’ve got all the details to help you achieve an unforgettable visit.


Key Takeaways:

  • Rent a transit wheelchair in Palma De Mallorca for as low as €5.00 per day.
  • Delivery and collection services are available, including airport delivery.
  • Explore the stunning attractions in Mallorca without any accessibility worries.
  • Discover additional mobility aids to enhance your vacation experience.
  • Make your trip truly unforgettable by renting a wheelchair in Mallorca.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are many wheelchair types to rent in Mallorca. You can choose from manual wheelchairs you move yourself, bariatric ones for people over 100kg, and electric power chairs. Wheelchairs can have large wheels for self-push or small ones for better turning. These choices cover a wide range of mobility needs and personal preferences.

If you want more control and freedom, a manual wheelchair is a great option. These are made for you to move them yourself. They’re light, easy to use, and let you explore Mallorca independently.

For more support, consider a bariatric wheelchair. It’s for those over 100kg and has lots of space and a strong frame. This gives bigger individuals the comfort and security they need.

Or, you might like the ease of an electric power wheelchair, also called Mobility Scooters. These scooters move by a motor, so you don’t have to push. In this way, you can see Mallorca without getting tired!

Wheelchairs with large wheels are best for the outdoors. They offer better grip and balance. So, you can enjoy Mallorca’s beaches and mountain trails with comfort and ease.

On the other hand, a wheelchair with small wheels suits tighter spots. It makes moving through small doorways and busy places simple. This choice is perfect for exploring shops and other enclosed spaces.

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Additional Mobility Aids

In Mallorca, you can hire many mobility aids aside from wheelchairs. Choices include mobility scooters, walking frames with wheelsshower chairscrutches, and walking sticks.

Mobility scooters are great if you need to get around but can’t walk very far. With a scooter, you can see Palma de Mallorca’s lovely streets or the island’s beauty. They can easily steer through the crowds and visit attractions comfortably.

Walking frames with wheels are perfect for those who need a bit of help balancing. They offer support while letting you move about freely. Use them on the beach or in Mallorca’s charming towns for added stability and enjoyment.

Shower chairs are a must for those needing help to bathe safely. These chairs keep you steady and comfortable. They come with adjustable height and a non-slip base, perfect for a pleasant bathing experience in Mallorca.

If you’re recovering from a sports injury or surgery, crutches can be a lifesaver. They help you walk while supporting your body’s weight. You can still do activities like visiting markets or easy hikes thanks to crutches.

Walking sticks help you keep your balance and take weight off your legs. They’re useful on rough ground or for gentle hikes. With an adjustable height, walking sticks are great for any outdoor activity in Mallorca.


Enhancing Accessibility and Independence

Mobility aids are essential for anyone needing help moving around in Mallorca. They provide support for walking, traveling, and even showering. By using these aids like mobility scooters, walking frames, shower chairs, or crutches, you can fully enjoy your holiday. This way, you have the freedom to see the island’s beauty at your own speed.

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Places to Explore in Palma De Mallorca

Palma De Mallorca is the lively capital of Mallorca with tons of things to see. It’s perfect whether you love history, nature, or delicious food. Each part of the city has something special for you:

Palma Cathedral (La Seu)

The incredible Palma Cathedral is a top site in Palma De Mallorca. It’s called La Seu. This gothic wonder stands out in the city and lets you see amazing views of the bay. Come see its beautiful design, check out the colourful windows, and feel its peaceful vibe.

Bellver Castle

On the outskirts of Palma, you’ll find Bellver Castle. It’s a rare circular castle from the 1300s. Sitting on a hill, it gives you great views of the city and the sea. Walk through the old walls, look at the interesting museum, and enjoy the pretty gardens. It’s a great place for history fans and those who love great views.

Santa Catalina Area

At night, the Santa Catalina area is the place to be. Here, you’ll find lots of food places and bars. Try tasty Spanish dishes, tapas, and seafood while mixing with both locals and other tourists. Santa Catalina is where you can really feel the local scene and enjoy the lively nights.

Palma Flower Market on Passeig de la Rambla

For colour and sweet scents, don’t miss the Palma flower market on Passeig de la Rambla. It’s full of beautiful flowers and plants. Stroll around, look at the pretty blooms, and maybe pick up a lovely bouquet or plant. It’s a great way to remember your time in Palma De Mallorca.


With its amazing sites like the Palma CathedralBellver Castle with its views, Santa Catalina for fun nights, and the flower market for joy, Palma De Mallorca has it all. Visit these lovely spots to enjoy history, culture, and the beauty of nature. They’ll make your trip to Mallorca’s capital very special.

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Mallorca Airport rentals with RentalPanda

Looking for wheelchair rental at Mallorca Airport? Mallorca Airport rentals is your perfect choice. RentalPanda ensures you get the mobility help you need when you land.

At RentalPanda Mallorca Airport Rentals, you can choose between various wheelchair options: from wheelchairs you move yourself to the electric ones. They all fold up neatly, which is great for moving them around.

All wheelchairs have armrests, back support, and footrests that come off. You can also get a cushion for extra coziness during your rental.

There’s a helpful delivery service, too. Traveling with a wheelchair can be tough. But with RentalPanda’s airport delivery and collection, moving your wheelchair is no longer a worry.

Dependable wheelchair rental services at Mallorca Airport!

Why Choose RentalPanda Mallorca Airport Rentals?
Convenient wheelchair rental at Mallorca Airport
A wide variety of wheelchairs is available
Comfort features such as armrests and back supports
Delivery and collection service at the airport
Cushion availability for added comfort


Renting a wheelchair in Mallorca can make your trip much easier. You can find transit wheelchairs, self-propelled ones, or electric ones for rent. And, don’t forget about mobility scooters, walking frames, and shower chairs. These make getting around and being independent simpler.

RentalPanda makes renting easy. You’ll find top-quality wheelchairs and other aids. This means you can pick the best mobility gear for your trip.

With a wheelchair or mobility aid, Mallorca’s highlights become accessible. Enjoy beautiful beaches, lively culture, and picturesque towns. Don’t worry about getting around—explore the island freely. With the right equipment, you can tackle any adventure.


How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair in Mallorca?

The price of renting a wheelchair in Mallorca depends on the type and how long you need it. For example, a transit wheelchair is available in Palma De Mallorca starting at €5.00 per day. Discounts come with renting for longer.

What types of wheelchairs are available for hire in Mallorca?

In Mallorca, several types of wheelchairs are ready for hire, from manual to electric. These include bariatric chairs and those designed for easy self-propulsion.

Besides wheelchairs, what other mobility aids can be rented in Mallorca?

Other aids in Mallorca include mobility scooters, walking frames, and crutches. These help with getting around and daily tasks.

Is there an electric power wheelchair rental in Mallorca?

Automatic wheelchair rental is possible on the island of Mallorca – here, these electric power wheelchairs are also called Mobility Scooters. They are very popular on the island, can be hired easily and comfortably, and will be brought to and collected from your holiday home.

Are there Mallorca Airport rental services available?

Yes, the airport offers wheelchair rentals, including foldable wheelchairs with adjustable features. Just contact RentalPanda.es

Where can I find wheelchair hire services in Alcudia, Mallorca?

RentalPanda provides various mobility aids for hire, also in Alcudia, Mallorca. They deliver for free to nearby Alcudia areas.

What are Mallorca’s motorized wheelchair rental options?

There are several companies on the island offering this service.

Why should I consider renting a wheelchair in Mallorca for my holiday?

Wheelchair rental in Mallorca is ideal for those with mobility needs. It offers ease of exploring. With trusted services, a remarkable holiday experience awaits.

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